Boudoir Photographer in Charleston, SC

Vibrant and moody

Are you curious about boudoir photography or thinking about planning a boudoir photography session? 

Chucktown Art offers a luxurious boudoir photography experience in the Charleston, SC area, with a variety of session options to fit your personal style and comfort level. Boudoir sessions are typically held at a trendy downtown Charleston hotel, especially if part of a mini session event. Individual full sessions can be booked at a hotel, an Airbnb, outdoors, or even in the comfort of your own home! I love to collaborate with local Charleston women in business, and am able to add on hair and makeup services or recommend these services for you.

You'd like to book a session SOMEDAY, but you're nervous. You've never done a boudoir session and wouldn't know the first thing about posing, or maybe you *think* you need to drop a few pounds first. Stop those thoughts right there! I've got you. 

Most women, especially those who are new to boudoir are super nervous. Even I was nervous at my own boudoir session, so much so that my legs were involuntarily shaking. Guess what happened? I drank a glass of champagne, took a deep breath and let go of all of the thoughts holding me back. I loved every minute of it and left feeling empowered. As your boudoir photographer, I'm happy to help you decide on outfits, accessories, makeup colors (or lake there of — all natural!), and even hairstyles prior to your session. During your session you can expect me to help guide you into comfortable and flattering poses based on your comfort level. Boudoir is about celebrating you, whether that means you're wearing lingerie, a cocktail dress, or even sweat pants and a tank top.

It's time to celebrate YOU.

Boudoir photography in Charleston, SC and beyond.