Charleston Events & Live Music Photographer

Live Music

Your voice not only deserves to be heard, it deserves to be seen!

I love photographing live music. Whether you're local to Charleston or a musician on the road, Chucktown Art is fully equipped to capture you in the limelight. 

Typically live music photography consists of photographing the first 3 songs of a set. Packages can be customized to include band photos before the show, and/or longer set coverage.

"Thank you x 1 million rainbows!

This is such a gift! My mom and dad will be so happy! I will share and credit you forever and always! "

Chaska Potter of Raining Jane

on the Good Vibes tour with Jason Mraz

Event Photography

If you didn't take a picture, it didn't happen! Or did it? 

Chucktown Art offers event photography of all types from local events to corporate events in the Charleston area. Event photography rates start at $425 and packages can be customized to meet your event planning needs.  

"You did such a great job shooting the event. Thank you so much for narrowing down a selection for me. I was trying to sort out some of my favorite shots of yours yesterday and found myself basically just moving all the images to a new folder!" 

Rick Tringali

Jazz Crawl