Events, Weddings & Live Music

"I am so in love with these!!

Thank you!"


Weddings & Elopements

How do you envision your big day? Let's work together to create & capture the memories you want to carry with you. 

What to expect: 

  • You'll fill out a short form with your wedding day details & fun facts :)

  • We can meet at your venue in advance to walk through the space together (optional)

  • It's all in the details. I'll have you put together a list of must have portraits. The day of can be so hectic, we don't want to leave anyone out! 

  • I'll ask you to create a Pinterest board of wedding photography you love, from the shoes to the rings and everything in between. This is optional, and helps me get an idea for the style you have in mind!

  • Then we'll seize your day, effortlessly.


Wedding and elopement packages start at $475 and may be customized based on your wedding details and budget. 

Live Music

Your voice not only deserves to be heard, it deserves to be seen!

I love photographing live music. Whether you're local to Charleston or a musician on the road, Chucktown Art is fully equipped to capture you in the limelight. 

Typically live music photography consists of photographing the first 3 songs of a set. Packages can be customized to include band photos before the show, and/or longer set coverage.

"Thank you x 1 million rainbows!

This is such a gift! My mom and dad will be so happy! I will share and credit you forever and always! "

Chaska Potter of Raining Jane

on the Good Vibes tour with Jason Mraz

Event Photography

If you didn't take a picture, it didn't happen! Or did it? 

Chucktown Art offers event photography of all types from local events to corporate events in the Charleston area. Event photography rates start at $425 and packages can be customized to meet your event planning needs.  

"You did such a great job shooting the event. Thank you so much for narrowing down a selection for me. I was trying to sort out some of my favorite shots of yours yesterday and found myself basically just moving all the images to a new folder!" 

Rick Tringali

Jazz Crawl