Graphic Design

From photo session to design session

It's hard to find a photographer who can also handle your graphic design needs. From logo creation to page layouts and invites, I can help. As a busy mom & solo entrepreneur, I'm all about simplifying and automating where I can. 

Having a birthday? Graduation? Wedding? Great!

I can set up a time to do the photo shoot with you and then help design invitations for the party. 

Need them printed? No problem.


I'll even mail them for you. Don't forget the thank you notes! I've got those covered too.

Logo Design

Did you know that brand recognition starts with a logo?

 Bold + uniquely you, with your direction.

Let's build your brand.

Logo design services start at $475+. 


Layout Design

As a college graduate with an Advertising degree, I can assure you that I LOVE putting together visual ad space, whether it be for print publication or online marketing. 

I can help design magazine/newspaper advertising & page layouts, as well as flyers, business cards, and other print materials. 

If you're looking for a design in the online space, I can help with email marketing campaign designs, blog post layouts, Facebook cover banners, website banners, and more.