Photo Editing Services

Are you a busy #photographer, #blogger, #entrepreneur,

#sidehustler, #momboss, or just a #rockstar at life? 

Make more time for YOU. Outsource your photo editing to a fellow photographer & mom boss who gets it. Beautiful images are so important. They help you build your brand, keep clients happy, and help you look your best. It takes TIME to put the perfect finishing touch on each image. 

More time = more space for happy moments.






Light Edits

Light edits include minor adjustments like brightness, contrast, temperature, and lifting shadows.

Heavy Edits

Heavy edits include more major adjustments like cropping, removing items, adding items, background adjustments, resizing, and more.

Your Style

So you're thinking about help with post processing your images. 

We'll work together to discuss your editing style and preferences on how you'd like your final images to look. Not all sessions are created equally. I'll ask you about brightness, contrast, shadows, and temperature. Don't worry. You don't need to have all of the answers! I can also work from sample images that you've previously created or ideal image editing styles that you've noticed on the web.

Just because you didn't edit them, doesn't mean you didn't have full control over the creation process. It's okay to ask for help. Less time editing equals more time to focus on your craft, your life, and your people.

Tell me about your editing needs.

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